Quality standards

Bibgro Pvt. Ltd. takes the pride to follow utmost precautionary measures to maintain the quality of the products atop. Our store management team ensures 24*7 product availability at right time of the requirement.

To provide you the best services in the city, we target to acquire products from the source points to leverage cost and benefit you with good offers and quality services.

We deal with ethical and recommended traders in the market. We value market reputation rather than acquiring services or products keeping ethics at stake.

We store our products at recommended conditions and ideal temperatures, ensuring adequate filtered air circulation. We carefully mark product expiration and check for expiry dates at a regular basis.

All our warehouse, store-keepers wear gloves and hairnets while handling food items. Our accessories are regularly sanitized with food grade cleaners to keep you safe and healthy. 

Return Policy: In an unlikely case where things didn’t go our way and you find products worth replacing. Be assured, we would happily refund or replace the purchased products without any hassles.

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